[Portrait] The success story of a French digital entrepreneur

[Portrait] The success story of a French digital entrepreneur

By wanting to control the entire digital sector, the creator of GraalOnline has become a pioneer of the world of digital information, an idea that popped up thanks to Minitel, the French platform of information exchange.

He has never lost his real passion, a passion that was born from his childhood, more precisely, when he was only 6 years of age: a passion for video games. 

Understanding that entrepreneurship is necessary for him to live freely, at the beginning, he first tried to create a homemade video game called Tank, which allowed him to enter the French gaming microcosm's wall of fame. Later on, the idea of creating a company came to his mind, an idea that came into life in 1989 with the creation of "Eurocenter". That was the biggest performance in his career.

Inspiration can come from everywhere. How about our genius?

The gold era of video games, if we look at a game like GraalOnline zone, we could notice some similarities, with some old role-playing games, with a real and 2D view, with a hint of modernity meant to bring the new player even farther.

We may say that what inspires him the most is his childhood, which never really ended. The digital world is his greatest inspiration source. Besides, the digital world is big enough to inspire anyone who just has a glance at it. Our entrepreneur is still staring at it even now, to say so. People always talk about his video games. However, what really makes his games that special?

Fun before anything else

The answer is simple, his passion. From his world, is where inspiration comes from: the world of this 6-years-old boy who starved for video games. When he began to imagine or coded a new game, when he tested a new game, it was not the 49 entrepreneurs that he was targeting but the kids. Bearing in mind only one need, fun. If he found a game fun to play, then he would launch it.

For Stephane, it is not about making the game of the year at E3, nor making the most different game from others on the market. It is just about giving a kid some good time, and he managed to do so.

His favorite game style

Today, his company, Eurocenter, which is a video games producer, continues to develop more and more modern and sophisticated online games, including versions for tablets and smartphones. However, he remains faithful to his "fun before anything else", which is the youth's favorite game style. Some of his accomplishments are the development of the Graalonline game and the Era+:

  •  The company always attempts to offer some modern versions of the game Graalonline, which was a platform game about quest in a medieval era. The Graalonline Zone has been then created
  •  After Graalonline, he developed Era +, a game consisting in creating its own mafia empire in a modern urban world.

Despite his desire to modernize the video games, he tries keeping the main theme; inventing and building your own life in the universe you are screening. He is a genius with fun-driven ambition.